Saturday, 28 April 2012

Day 40: Leaked from the Librorum Prohibitorum.

So, my first venture into CrowdFunding, previously I had relied on grants such as with Errol Flynn's Pianist, and before that self-funding to create projects. Now, I'm giving it a go with CrowdFunding and although my networks are not of the magnitude of some, I am hoping that the small amount I am asking for budget wise will be doable through the means of word-of-mouth.

Essentially at this stage I have sent out several group emails, some to people I have not spoken to in a long while, others to professionals who might receive the request in their work inbox, and some to close friends. What will the outcome be? Many will perhaps read over the email and not even click on the funding page, others will perhaps go to Inkubato and see what it is about, and a few might even pledge a sum. It is essentially email roulette because hardly anyone sends or reads group emails these days. In the past it was always the way of letting people know what one has been doing whilst out of regular contact. I feel an astute manic madness with all this plugging, promoting and prompting to people who have their own busy lives and projects, and one can't help but feel at the center of the universe, when in reality one is just the carrot stick in the center of one's own lunchbox.

It is a bit daunting doing things this way because in the past what strings had to be pulled in order to raise capital for a venture could be leveraged from behind closed doors. The embarrassment of pleading, begging, and selling a percent of one's soul was all done behind the scenes, whereas a CrowdFunding pitch really dangles the project itself in front of people who now get to see the production process as an audience and not just the screening when all above the line palaver has been dealt with.

So this really is an experiment, and one I have been needing to train myself mentally in order to put out there. I am sensitive to the value of my work, as many artists probably are, I have confidence in my ideas but I am not a salesperson, indeed, I don't have the self-esteem to be the outright showman in that respect. I have a few friends whom I privately pitch ideas and allow them to be my sounding boards, it is safe that way, as when they look blankly at you or tell you the idea doesn't work, it is hard to get affronted because they understand what you are trying to do, and one knows that.

There is a little more to the film than meets the eye but I have reserved that for surprising the audiences when it screens at festivals, and also to keep my idea slightly protected and the project fresh before it gets made. This is just common sense in any pitch, as many filmmakers would know. The script has been worked on for a year and has taken a lot of research in order to make sure it is a full bodied sixty second film, something that stands up on its own as a holistic work. Probably not to everyone's taste, but as I have said many times, there is no such thing as taste, it is only criteria and conditioning that provides personal value on objects.

Here we are now. Or here I am. Forty days to clock up enough capital to let loose the wild steeds of production. I will continue to reflect on this process as I have spent so much time delivering classes on CrowdFunding, and mentoring independents on the method. Time for me now to put the proof in the pudding. If my Blog readers have any questions about the project please feel free to leave a comment.

If you would like to pledge an amount please go here.

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