Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Librorum Prohibitorum

I'm pitching now to CrowdFund my next short work, the concept behind the work Signum (Faith rather than Credulity), composed of three elements combined Figura, Imago and Allegoria. You can help fund the project by going to Inkubato.

I have set the premiums (rewards) and provided a budget to show the expenses I will be using the funds to cover. This is a work that I have been developing over 2011, even though it will only have the duration of one minute, there were many layers to put down in the script in order for the piece to be able to be full bodied when created. So, I am calling on the community to assist me with shooting this project in October 2012. Below is a video I created, telling a little about the project, other details can be found on the project's Inkubato page.

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