Monday, 14 May 2012

Day 23: Leaked from the Librorum Prohibitorum

Yikes, day 23! However, Sanne Kurz (cinematographer) posted an entry supporting the campaign on her website. I have welcomed the support of several talented people involved in film, and also the feedback from others. Recently I was informed that some people were willing to help the project but they were not entirely clear on what I was going to do. This has been the hardest part of the pitch. In order for the film to achieve its impact I don't feel I can be too literal about the content, safe to say that by describing the conceptual side I can retain the 'surprise' element of the film - as I have always thought that what Jean-Luc Godard said about surprising audiences as a key to the revolution of the reel. In that, with a small film of sixty seconds, surprise is an effective way of giving the film some impact. On the other side, what I have pitched is all the conceptual stuff that lies outside of that surprise, the stuff that can be thought about afterwards, or mused on.

I'm not talking about a 'twist', the film has no twist, but I am talking about the unforeseen, as film is a visual medium, the unforeseen is what makes us drunk with the work. As with alcohol as an analogy, the taste is apparent to us first off, it is what makes the drink enjoyable but that tipsy sensation that kicks in at some point embellishes the enjoyment of the taste making it desirable, but then also the feeling, conversation and thoughts that arises sometimes fills us with delight and other times with embarrassment. So, I have revealed only the taste and the possible thoughts, feelings and conversations, but I have not revealed that moment of being 'tipsy' because it would spoil the whole treatment.

So, at day 23, I am still seeking more people to pitch in and pledge, and if you have ideas on my campaign please let me know. I am slowly considering what I might have to do to change the 'pitch' in order to make the film more accessible but these I will try and put into effect soon. For those who can envisage what I may be trying to achieve and would like to pledge, please go to the film's Inkubato page here.

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