Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Day 29: Leaked from the Librorum Prohibitorum

It has now reached day 29, and all has been a bit quiet since I last rattled out to the networks. After a fluster of index finger activity, various supports from friends, I decided to rest up on the whole 'putting it out there' thing to await what might possibly come around of its own accord. It appears that you can exhaust yourself pushing the promotional cart. It is has been a bit disorientating, when you've got the counter winding down to zero days.

Essentially everything is ready to go on this short, apart from MU, but I've bookmarked people here and I really want to address the project when I've got the funds to back it up. Is this the best protocol? It has been in the past but the Crowdfunding initiative might prove different in the approach.  What is the approach? I'm close reediting my pitch but wondering how much of a difference that may make, and will I reedit wrongly and shoot the project in the foot inadvertently? So many things to think about at this stage.

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