Friday, 4 May 2012

Day 34: Leaked from the Librorum Prohibitorum

Image by Taustakuvat

 So, I let fly many almost random requests to associates and others conjoined to my Social Networks, and have also sent through two radio plug requests. Turning to traditional media also for the support that may come through that also. I had some feedback on my video, saying that perhaps mentioning my previous short works was too 'self promoting' and that I should leak information about the raciness of this short film, because as it sounds, people might just think it a documentary on religion.

Good feedback, and now I consider a re-edit on the pitch. However, today I just lost through some bizarre error, days of editing another short work, and the wound that has been left in my mind from that may mean I wont get around to tackling this task today. I am currently drowning my sorrows with a few cheap Pilsners.

So at this point, there is not much activity apart from my own. As I try every available point of contact to muster up support, but as I wrote on day 40, my networks are small, and sometimes the process is a bit like pass the parcel, although it is certainly a learning curb. Time to sit down and develop another strategy for the next thirty days.

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