Sunday, 17 March 2013

Casting for Talent

There is good reason why certain actors and cast are chosen for particular roles or as extras. Sometimes it might be because the actor has built up a professional and personal relationship with the creative. Usually there is more control in getting the right look for a group of people, as extras.

The Star System for top billing actors taking roles makes the process of choosing the right person for the job slightly more difficult as actors have the choice of accepting or declining scripts, turning down roles for financial reasons or having too much time booked on other productions to commit.

However you will probably not encounter issues with the Star System as yet, but you might want to consider the usefulness of auditioning your talent if you feel there are specific qualities that you need to make the role work.

Some of the things to look out for are:

  1.  Acting ability (Range, Characterisation, Emotional Repository, Can they carry a role? Timing
  2.  The right look (Height, Weight, Hair Color, Eye Color etc
  3.  Flexibility in working to blend your vision with their own. 
  4.  Time commitments and availability. 
  5.  Dynamic quality (Does the camera like this face?). 
  6.  Photogenic qualities (Facial expressions, symmetric or asymmetric features, eyes are the window of the soul). 
  7.  Personality (Can you work with and communicate with this actor? Do they share your vision? Will they take the project seriously). 

I know this seems like a lot to consider but all are important, even "personality". If you are going to spend days/weeks/months with a person working closely with them, having somewhat compatible personalities is going to make the job of Directing or Crewing easier, and also making communication better which is what you are going to need if they are to understand what you are conveying in order to get your vision across.

Also as you will have noticed the format is slightly changing on the snuffboxfilms blog, the changing disposition of filmmaking and videography has seen me working on vastly different projects to what I previously worked on, and so it's time to adapt this blog to encourage brevity. You'll notice that the Twitter feed takes priority above the post. Most of the updates I'll be making will stem from this feed and thus linking to other wells of information for you to source your news from.

In addition to these changes I will include a singular post below the Twitter feed and link back a previous archived snuffboxfilms post as well, so you can browse relevant erudition rather than have to think to sift through the archives. The mighty wall of labels at the bottom of snuffboxfilms will also assist you in finding your way around the former posts.

So in the spirit of actors, linked here is a post on the English slash Australian actor Noah Taylor.

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