Saturday, 23 March 2013

SPAA Fringe in Sydney 2010

In 2010 I gave a talk at the SPAA Fringe in Sydney on Digital Distribution,that was in 2010 and I must say that much of what I said went over heads but has now found a firm footing in our model of emerging videography practice. When I mentioned that we would see QR codes and Augmented Reality on film posters, many people questioned me why people would want to stand in front of a poster and spend the time scanning this information - well it's pretty common practice now, but every step I took to expose new practices was scathingly snubbed. The cynicism in the room of Australian producers was palpable, unable to digest new concepts and very much stuck on traditional modes of distribution - my forecast for Object Recognition went completely be the wayside, but I see it in the future being an integral method of embedding information within poster design. I find cynicism is a very useful tool for determining what is missing from something but it shouldn't be used for stripping something entirely clean.

Never turn your sights away from developing modes of productivity, I recall writing CrowdFunding into the curriculum of the Advanced Diploma I was teaching and how that was seen as something too odd to be taken seriously, many of the students scoffed at the idea, and now? Very much common practice. So my advice when practising your art, never ignore or block the soothsayers and idealists, they are the fundamental link between where you are now and where you are going to be.

This is the talk (formally regarded as a Clinic) that I gave to independent Producers and Distributors at the SPAA Fringe, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney 2010. There are a few details that need correcting ... the first is that, and many apologies, I call Brian Solis ... "Rolis", the second is I said that Monty Python had a 30% increase in profit in DVD sales from their HD free sketches on YouTube ... the correct percentage I believe is 23000%, I also have called the "New Writing Universe", the MetaMedia Universe, that decision was a poetic one and I hope there is no confusion. I am sure there are a few other glitches and slight errors here and there, probably of not great importance, but otherwise and aside, I hope you enjoy my talk.

For those wanting some archival post reading you can visit my post on Accent Underground, an alternative distribution outfit in Oz.

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