Friday, 19 April 2013

360 Time Lapse Video

I was browsing the media found in the iPad app store, and came across a series of demonstrative videos by XS2 THEWORLD and Transmission TX. Included in their series of mobile video was a great time lapse 360 video set behind the scenes of the BBC drama series - Land Girls. On the iPad the videos are quite beautiful to handle, using multitouch to move around the space, and also the motion sensor. Once again, in watching these 360 degree explorations of space for devices like the iPad, the potentials for immersive multiple mode narratives that explore characters and story-lines wrapped in full rotation, where the viewer becomes the central anchor to the action, is frightfully enthralling.

The audience gaze shifts to a form of psychokinesis manipulated by either touch or the steering of a device by the hands. A new beginning in interactive videos is about to emerge.

You can download the app here

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