Monday, 27 May 2013

Video Art in the home

Someone Tweeted this article on Video Art for sale, and I thought a really interesting point was brought up in regards to Video Art being primarily bought for galleries and exhibition spaces but not for the home. This got me thinking about Video Art that could be produced for the home or work space. The obvious frames would be the Flat Screen Telly or Digital Photo Frames, but they have limitations, needing to be switched on or used for other purposes, but using Lenticular Printing, Solar Powered Digital Photo Frames (DIY) or something radical like this projected space created by Mr Beam, a gamut of domestic Video Art could be plastered across our living spaces.

Living Room from Mr.Beam on Vimeo.

All the more feasible with Pocket Projectors, a small room could have 'moods' or 'narratives' shifting across time. In any case. People attending an installation gallery show or a Video Art festival should have the option to purchase work and 'hang' it at home. Of course, Wall Art of the Moving variety is not a particularly new concept, however it has never really been associated with Video Art, and primarily consisted of garish sceneries that codified 'escapism' to the average suburbanite or white collared office employee.

These days however with technology becoming more smarter, softer, slim-lined and accessible from alternative power sources other then city networked electricity or disposable battery cells, the time is ripe to begin considering decorating spaces with interesting conceptual work that can usher meaning into our physical realms through oscillating optics.

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