Wednesday, 17 July 2013

360 degree video

I was an enthusiast of QTVR (Quicktime Virtual reality) in it's heyday, having spent a lot of time during my Master's degree creating an interactive QTVR documentary called Voy, which experimented with video and panoramic scenes based on a sort of Hitchcock voyeurism. Here is a short list of some sites still documenting the creation of QTVR. I've been out of the loop somewhat with QTVR, so these resources are mostly from what I've sourced across the net without much immersion into the field.

1. Full Screen QTVR
2. Panomundo
3. QTVR Recorder
4. QTVR (dk)

But now for something not completely different. Kogeto, a company who ran a Kickstarter (Crowdfunding) project to develop a 360 degree snap on lens for the iPhone, has met their target and developed the product. It has the same panoramic capabilities as QTVR but using video, and made accessible by being a component to the iPhone, which is fast becoming the capturing tool of choice for incidental videography. Below is an introduction to Dot 360 capture.

So we can see the similarities between QTVR and the Dot 360. Capturing video in 360 panorama is not a new concept, but a snap on lens for the iPhone brings the technology to a whole new level. The technology that had previously been developed was specialist, chunky and probably expensive. The Dot 360 however is portable, functionally fitted to our CompuPhones, and probably within price range.

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