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Minimovies is a site created by Submarine in the Netherlands (Entirely accidental that this next post has content that stems from the same geographical location). They've outlined suggested parameters for what may constitute a webisodic documentary.

They say that a Minimovie is a documentary of 8 to 10 episodes of approximately 3 to 7 minutes of material that binds together as a self-contained story. The site uses ten web channels upon which to distribute each series, a torrent site to download them, and two mobile channels for viewing on your handheld device. Alternatively you can watch them on the Minimovie site.

The Movarium is easily applied to the format suggested by Submarine. 3 minutes at the maximum duration, fifty seconds for a title sequence, fifty seconds for a credit sequence, and two minutes content footage. On the topic of diminutive documentaries ...

The one minute documentary is a popular format and when done using a succinct style in the Movarium fashion the outcome can be quite effective, such as this one minute summary on Selina's self.

On first appearances it may look like an advert for Apple, but keeping in mind that Selina enjoys her technology, and subsequently the technology she uses is Mac therefore it keeps two feet firmly stood on reason that the content will represent this.

For further scrutiny of the webbymentary form, an interesting site is DocoLab (An offshoot of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam - IDFA). DocoLab's focus is on digital technology and media art.

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