Sunday, 28 July 2013

QR Codes Generating Micromovies

QR with my Remix This video using universal url.
Locative Cinema using my Beta testing of to contemplate the idea that locative digital distribution combining Data Matrix technology (In this instance the QR Code) and a universal video url, would be a compelling distribution amalgamation. The ubiquitous accessibility lies in the universal url, but the kinetics rest with the Data Matrix. An additive to this distribution process would be taking advantage of open WiFi Hotspots in order to make this all complimentary to the viewer.

The advantage of being able to convert video for so many browsers, mobile devices and consoles (Apparently the Nintendo DSi can scan QR codes) means that micromovies can begin to appear all over the place providing instant cinema-to-go. 

This is already possible of course, I could provide a link coded into Quick Response to a video I've uploaded to YouTube and have many smart phone users probably able to watch it. However, with the divisions in video/audio codecs/files (Resolutions) used by producers of portable media devices, my audience would be greatly reduced because only those who have the suitable platforms that support the defined link would benefit from the experience. Not to mention that if the person able to see it wasn't a suitable subject and the person who could not see it was, I've not only shot myself in the foot, but also made a heel of myself, by forgetting to take off the lens cap (Complicatedly awful pun).

Using, if I were to place my QR code with a 2 minute micromovie linked at a Bus Stop with 36 people waiting for a Bus, each person carrying a portable media device. One with a Nintendo DSi, two people with two different versions of a Sony Ericsson phone, eight people with different Nokia phones, eight people with different Android phones, six people with different Blackberry phones, seven people with Samsung phones, one person with an iPad, two with iPhone (3 and 4), and one with an iPod. All running different Browsers on their devices. With this QR code embedded with a universal url video/audio link, in theory, all 36 people waiting at that bus stop should be able to comfortably view my micromovie in the correct resolution with sound and vision streaming perfectly. 

Already movie posters provide a link to trailers on their posters, but I think the possibilities are much more desirably transformative, and provided you get action on your device and there isn't a drain on your pocket, the ideas for micromovies all about the place is open. Think perhaps the toilet of your favourite Pub, Bus Stops, on Trains and Train Stations, on T-Shirts, Bags, and even in elevators (If your micromovie is short enough).

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