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Saisenbako image by Timothy Takemoto

CrowdFunding or CrowdSourcing is a peerless incentive (Excuse the Trope), where project developers can tally up unpretentious amounts for budgeting out their ideas. The merit behind supporting projects from the perspective of the community, is being proactive in a self-sustainable art culture.

It's an attitude, I think. We are all mostly satisfied buying a movie, an album, a painting or sculpture but what we probably don't recognise is that by contributing to the process in this way is almost, in action, the same thing as putting in some financial support during the above the line stage. Indeed, the result may be that the finalised project can be purchased for less (Which is better for all consumers involved).

When you buy a movie, the money you fork over is distributed to all those involved in the production process, even the deliverables, but sometimes the artist misses out or gets very little. CrowdFunding allows the consumer to give directly to the artist/producers and then the project moves along the pipeline and out the other end. The product ends up in the same place, but the consumer has helped it get there.

Documentary media making is accustomed to this process, people will invest in documentary media because the topic, subject matter or theme, they feel, should be researched and brought to the wider public's attention - or the documentary is proposed to bring about change. Art can be seen in the same manner, enthralling ideas that should enter into the public stream of culture to change and progress our ways of thinking. To stimulate our own selfhood and bring diversity to our ever dilating folklore.

Short list of CrowdFunding initiatives to assist you getting started.

  • Inkubato
  •  (Dedicated project Crowdfunding community)
  • StartNext
  •  (Dedicated project Crowdfunding community)
  • RocketHub
  •  (Dedicated project Crowdfunding community)
I made an attempt to CrowdFund a micro-movie and it was a worthwhile experiment, however the irony was that at the time I was campaigning my project which failed, I also shot a CrowdFunding video for someone else who I also coached on the whole process of launching a strong campaign - and guess what? Yes, they reached their target whereas my project didn't even get quarter of the way there. Another lesson that I have the remarkable ability to help others reach their goals yet an equally remarkable one to fail in my own. That aside, it was a learning curve, and the micro-movie still exists in script form - and one day possibly I may make that work.

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