Friday, 16 August 2013

Giving the GIF of life

Not quite a photo, not quite a movie. An astute riddle of which the answer is the GIF, the Internet's animated lenticular moving picture. Jamie Beck (Photographer) and Kevin Burg (Motion Graphics Artist) have created pint sized micro-movies through 30 frames of still photography.

Me at the Bar ... Jamie Beck.

Another Jamie Beck composition.

Using GIF (Graphics Interchange Format but pronounced by the creators 'Jiff') was a conscious decision, since the patent on GIF technology has expired, I think it is a nicer idea that they used GIF instead of Flash or MPEG to create these blinking portraitures. 

There is something hypnotic about these, and narratives could be woven in. For instance Me at the Bar could be titled Meet me at the Bar, which shows a Taxi zipping pass in the reflection of the window. Were they met at the bar? Or did the the proposed 'date' see who they were meeting and told the Taxi driver to just keep on driving. Is the girl in the distance with her back to us the one who was waiting, and after some time thought her prospective encounter had stood her up but we get a glimpse that the other person was rushing late by Taxi and so now will they ever get the chance again to hook up?

Consideration may be taken to what will move in a frame and what shan't, this I think is the key art to animating GIFs in this way. Then it becomes an art-formation with an embedded narrative. Then it becomes a micro-movie. Personally I think this would be a cool way to do the splash screens of web series or screen on demand cinema.

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