Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Machinima Screen Capture Tools

Still from Molotov Alva and His search for the Creator. The Machnima documentary that became "the first simultaneous multi-platform distribution of an American television series."

A short post on screen capture tools for creating your own animations using game engines. There is the Windows based Fraps, another good Window's capturing software is Taksi - however, making Machinima on Mac requires software that works on the Apple computer so here is an introductory list of available FREE screen capture software.

  1. QuickTime Screen Recording
  2. Jing
  3. CamStudio
  4. ManyCam (You can use a WebCam device with ManyCam to screen capture).

(Oh there is Camtasia. It is available for Mac. However it's not so cheap).

Machinima should give you an insight into what others are doing with Machinima. Also an extensive resource is available on Archivopedia with all the technical details you could ask for in creating Machinima. If you want to experience Second Life using a different interface from the official SL Viewer, Here also is a list of Third-Party Viewers for SL, you may come across one you prefer to use.

Machinima Tip 1#

"Activate your advance menu (Opt-Ctrl-D) and then (Fn+cmd+alt+f1) all screen user interface will become hidden. Press (Fn+cmd+alt+f1) again to turn the UI on."

More tips can be found ... on The Sid Dog's Machinima Tips page, created in 2006, but like any artform it is worthwhile investigating how the original creators went about their art.

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