Saturday, 3 August 2013

Open Source Project Apertus

Apertus is a community evolving the idea of stimulating Open Source Cinema namely through Open Source production equipment (Based on the Elphel camera kit) and the software attached to it - developing with what could be considered Open Source hardware that is kitted together by individuals and improved upon by enthusiasts and professionals alike. Let's face it, that's how computers became so propitious (See Wolzniak's Apple 1 below).
Pic from the Wikipedia Apple 1 entry.
I recall my own father building a computer which had a wooden case as he wanted a machine more powerful than the TRS-80, and so decided just to kit one up. He christened it "Deep Thought", and even constructed tidy black boxed joysticks that could be used to play pong like games with.

Although, Apple 1 was not a fully kit built computer, it's rise up the comp charts as a garage-geek machine was certainly inspired by its innovators having had access to all the fiddly bits and chips that today is taken for granted these days, on the whole, by the everyday computer consumer.

Building the technology collectively and using that technology is a welcoming practice, a triumph over the patented technology often locked away by corporations who are either stashing it in out-of-order lavatories in basements with signs on the door that say "Beware of the Leopard" from their competitors or waiting for a sign from the retail market to pump out the next gen hype. Kitting up hardware and using open source software is a primo methodology in seeing fresh creative channels blossom, and we've witnessed that already with the development of computer software and Open Source O/S.

If you'd like to contribute to Apertus, the Task Management page will alert you to current activities. A documentary is in the pipeline, the documentary to be shot using the Apertus camera itself. Finally some test footage shot with the Apertus.

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