Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Zero Theorem

I don't know about anyone else, but I am looking forward to Gilliam's latest film. Not only are Gilliam's films richly hued cinematic works of art, but they also are imbued with the kind of eccentric characterisation that seems to stimulate my senses. Many contemporary directors should be thankful that Gilliam persisted with his visions, as I think he was one of the founding fathers of this kind of movie making where cinematography, scenography and direction mash into eclectic exuberance.

Cinema really needs people like Gilliam, cinema really needs to be as diverse as novels are. I get excited by a new Gilliam film, my top pick of directors are Terry Gilliam, Ken Russell, John Waters and Peter Greenaway. Unfortunately Ken no longer will produce another film, John has retired, Peter takes such a long time between films, and Gilliam continuously has to struggle to get his made.

There is a trailer online, it looks fantastic. Just do a video search in Google and you'll find it. Unfortunately a leaked trailer was taken down by Voltage Pictures (C'mon get with the times), a silly thing to do as fans make this kind of thing go viral by leaking trailers - which would increase the film's spectatorship but there is one site currently that has the trailer up. I will not be disappointed with this film.

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