Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Between Pages and Screen

As with the remedial experiments done with Hypertext Fiction (I recall creating my own narratives in Eastgate's Storyspace, amazing that you still have to pay for it), augmented reality fiction is taking form.

Between Pages and Screen is one such project, transforming poetry into a kind of digital pop up. The geometric shapes printed on the page are recognised by your comp's cam (Tech Jive for Computer's Camera), it tracks the image and then renders the shape onto the screen as readable text.

Although I think this idea is fine step into ideas communicated through transformative text, for a more ubiquitous experience I would have synthesised printed text or imagery along with the geometric shapes, otherwise the book just becomes a series of abstract shapes to decode with a webcam, and the same outcome to communicate the content could be achieved simply by animating the desired poetry on the screen rather then administering an augmented process by way of a bound book. I don't know if the action of turning the pages, aligning the shapes in the book, or even the book as a document itself adds desired meaning or added awareness of what's written just through its form as a digital Volvelle.

On the other hand if this book included additional congruous content, and not just in the same way that illustrated children's books embossed holography as an accessory to its drawn or painted imagery. There might be something intriguing about poetry made augmented in this manner.

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