Thursday, 5 December 2013

Goltzius & The Pelican Company

How did I miss this? I knew it was being made, I was aware of the synopsis for the film and thought to keep an ear out for any new Greenaway cinematic sightings to be had. I was actually rather excited by the prospect of this film, and yes, I now have something to look forward to almost three years later but in my filmic circles there was not so much as a squeak to this being released. It's another unfortunate result of filmmakers who don't quite trend being marginalised into niche corners where it is almost impossible to discover what's being created anew from these directors. Or perhaps my head is well and truly in the clouds, which is also a likely scenario. However, all that aside, it does look rich, it looks staged, it looks like an animated canvass ... everything I could enrich myself with. Many folk would shelve Greenaway as being highbrow wank, but that's not how I see his work. I look past the theory of it and enjoy the textures and stylistic attempts to paint film. It's all meant to be elaborate and contrived, I don't watch Greenaway to try and find Mike Leigh in his portrayals of dramatic scenes. I watch Greenaway to immerse myself in a visual feast with eccentric moments that uplift my senses and tickle my fancy.

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