Sunday, 19 January 2014

Anna Brownfield casting new erotic film 2014

The Band - DVD available on Amazon.

Anna Brownfield is a Melbourne based filmmaker who probes the sexual milieu through film, but also is actually blending the idea of explicit portrayals alongside conventional narrative. This is a form of complete narrative that primarily has its roots in books, and with film very few filmmakers dare to allow 'hardcore' explicit elements within their narratives. Sure there have been many filmmakers like Russell, Almodovar, Winterbottom and Greenaway who have edged ever closer to allowing the natural and unnatural state of sexual activity to be included within cinematic storytelling but there has yet, unless thought of as underground, been filmmakers who venture into this territory. Taking film to this level is riddled with issues of censorship and puritanical prudishness, that we may show all the aspects surrounding the act or the motivation proceeding it, but yet the acts themselves must remain hidden, however the meaning doesn't change, just what is shown does. It's not that cinema isn't ready for this kind of narrative, it is perhaps that audiences aren't, and the reason audiences aren't is because they are so twisted and bound to so many safe guards that prevent them from being exposed to it and forming their own theories on the matter, that rarely this kind of film gets made. So what Anna is doing is to continue to explore this type of narrative and lead us into fresh narrative waters, breaking ground in a form of filmmaking that only could be called a form because it is considered taboo.

All this aside, she is now casting for a new film, her previous works include The Band and Making it Handmade. All the details on how to get involved can be found on her blog here. So if you live in Australia or are willing to travel, then read the requirements, and if it is something you would like to experience or feel comfortable with. Get in touch with her. I'm sure it will be a great new project to embark on and am looking forward to watching the results. 


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