Saturday, 7 March 2015

Augmented Community Cinema

What do we experience in our personal loci when we can visualise surrounding Twitter Tweets using an AR layered App to see what people are thinking or doing around us? It is worth considering how a community cinema experience could become a way to share media content when our neighbourhood can be scanned by Twittering activity?  I used Junaio for the grabs below, but there are quite a few others like Layar, Wikitude, and TwittARound (Only available at the U.S. App store).

The people (Or ppl) in my area, unknown to me, but visible only as a floating Tweet on the screen, an avatar, and sometimes an actual name attached. It wont be long before Companies and Politicians use this scan of the vicinity for their own Data Mining purposes, but for the meanwhile, this Ubiquitous Computing could in time become a way to share content locally.

I can sit outside in my green garden, sipping a glass of wine, by myself and yet in a hive of 140 characters or less profiles are buoyant about me. Is this a virtual signifier of our collective consciousness in action? Will my existential self experience reprieve by an epistemological feeling of place amongst my own thoughts in the neural universe? What if a local community film festival was screened in this way? People in the community create content, Tweet the video, and without having to commune we could watch, comment, reTweet, vote - it would be different from a typical online screening event as there would be no official curators, no waiting for the online selection to go live - it would be instantaneous, local, and fluid.

These mind maps suspended in space covert what is viewable through the camera on my phone. They dapple their presence upon the screen that optically captures my garden. Over sprouting lettuce, pineapple sage, chives, basil, a pumpkin-zucchini-squash-cucumber crop, lemon thyme, oregano, rosemary, silver beet and other foliage carpeted across my yard, the ubiety of a 'other' space becomes apparent, another realm screen printed over my present dimensions. Rather then logging into space and navigating through it, the gap between opacity and transparency is enfolded across the lens to reveal an interposition of a ghostly human assemblage. Rather than gathering at a local venue, seeing the people in person who made the films, getting cornered in film talk, video would be shared as a Delphic experience.

In Santa Clara California there is an Augmented Reality event. Showcasing innovations and featuring speakers on the technology that converges physical surroundings with virtual folksonomy. Another interesting site you may like to peruse is Powered by String, and their impressive Augmented Reality showcase.

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