A b-log for underground media practitioners and videographers, low-fi, non-commercial, avant-kink, experiMental, trash cinema; recklessly written and sometimes pompously posted; but always with the readers best interests at heart unless otherwise stated. Scratched with untidy linkage to film festivities (90% Fee Free ones!), underground screenings and Blogs.

All opinions are my own ... unfortunately

Rups is a Movarium Videographer, Metamedia contextualist, La Libre Esthétique, part-time teacher in Screen and Media. Unleashed from a BA in Media Studies and a MA of Creative Media at RMIT University. Interested in Movarium Video Art, N0rpography (Pr0n 3.0), Edupunk, steampunk, digital dialectics, anti-erotica, fluxus, avant-smut, 'Pataphysics, Kinko Pravda, and Cybaritism.

I am an advocate of Open Source media creativity and enthusiast of digital media as well as alternative technologies.

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