Errol Flynn's Pianist

Here are some festivals for 2009 of which my micro movie Errol Flynn's Pianist will be screening at. The One Minutes Belgium Open 11&12th of March. ESF / 80 best - 1st April The Loft Project in Saint-Petersburg, and 23rd April Arsenal Video space, Cinema "Record" in the Nizhni Novgorod Kremlin, Nizhni Novgorod - Russia. The One Minute Film and Video Festival (21-23rd August), Aarau Switerland. Sydney Underground Film Festival - 10 September to Sunday 13 September. Here is a current list of festivals my short film Errol Flynn's Pianist has screened at in 2008. It was recently awarded best film in the video category at the ESF '08 in Moscow! 2008 Kansk International Video Festival (Russian Federation) Oblo International Short Film Festival, Switzerland (september 2008) The Trash Film Festival (Croatia) Final Cut, Komedia Studio Bar, Brighton UK. The Bang! Short Film Festival in Nottingham, UK. Oldenburg, Germany as part of the zwergWERKS Days of Film in the Universität Oldenburg Poststelle der Bibliothek. Alternative Film/Video Festival. Belgrade. Serbia on the 12th of December, Akademski Filmski Centar. Extra Short Film Festival at Actovy Zal (Fabrika Project) on 20th of December, Moscow.

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